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  USI & UST, Partners in Research for the Devt of Naga  
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USI & UST, Partners in Research for the Devt of Naga  
The perfection of a Daughter of Charity
consists in this:
to cleave to nothing but God.
  BACS MEET : A Night of Songs & Dances - Nov. 26, 2016  
  Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary - November 17, 2016  
  Parents' Seminar - November 12, 2016  
  University Wide Emergency Drill 2016 - July 29, 2016  
  51st Capping & Candle Lighting Ceremony-July 15, 2016  
  Youth Leaders' Meeting & Awarding - June 14, 2016  
  SSVP National Convention 2016 - April 22, 2016  
  USI Launches its 3-Year Celebration for its 150 Years - April 12, 2016  
You are well aware that changes are always difficult, and that it takes time to learn new ways of serving the poor skilfully and well .