A Graduate School Program with faculty and students who are engaged in scholarly inquiry, research and study; communicating effectively their knowledge and values in their specialized fields to the professional community.


To promote excellence in graduate education through an enduring commitment to values orientation, which features intellectual independence, lifelong learning and community service.


The Graduate School is aimed at developing accomplished leaders who are intellectually independent professionals, balanced in outlook and service-oriented men and women by:

  • Providing a graduate education program that gives priority to the enhancement of Christian values and attitudes;
  • Offering competitive programs that equip students with knowledge, attitudes and skills needed in the workplace where their specialized discipline is practiced;
  • Challenging graduate students to produce quality and relevant theses and dissertations that will contribute new knowledge and information;
  • Developing relevant graduate certificate and diploma programs to provide wider access to graduate education specifically to the underprivileged sector of the society.


Courses Offered

DOCTOR of Philosophy
Major in:
Human Development Management
Educational Leadership and Management


MASTER of Arts in Education
Major in:
Administration and Supervision
Guidance and Counseling
Religious Education
Music Education

  MASTER of Science in Social Work
  MASTER in Management

MASTER of Arts in Nursing
Major in:
Medical Surgical Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Maternal Child Nursing
Nursing Administration

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