Saint Louise de Marillac Alternative Program (SLMAP)

To accomplish its mission and realize its vision, the SLMAP have the following objectives:

  • Produce socially responsible entrepreneurs through hands-on training, skills development, and value formation.
  • Provide a venue for practical application of entrepreneurial skills.
  • Offer seminars, workshops, training, and short courses that will develop students' creativity and innovation.
  • Promote the Catholic Vincentian values of honesty, integrity, self-reliance, community orientation, and interpersonal skills necessary in the world of business.
  • Train lecturers who will transmit their knowledge and skills and achieve a multiplier effect in carrying out the objectives of the SLMAP.
  • Establish linkages with other educational and business entities for an enriched curricula and business socialization.


The SLMAP provides a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Entrepreneurship - a four-year course that may be completed in a period of five years since classes are held only in the evenings. The class schedule is specially designed for working students who want to finish a college degree. The SLMAP started in school year 2005-2006 with twenty-eight students. Now on its 20th year, the Program graduates an average of 80 students per year.



Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees
Tuition fees per semester P 30,000.00
Miscellaneous fees      8,000.00
  P 38,000.00
Annual Fees per Student P 76,000.00
No. of Students per Year Level per Year = 80
Total Amount Needed to Support this Program per Year:

80 students per year level X 5 year levels X P76,000.00 = P30,400,000.00

Scholarship Sponsors: Coverage Estimated Cost (considering inflation)
Platinum Sponsorship
1 student for 5 school years or 5 students per school year

NB: The Platinum Scholarship will be named after the sponsor
(i.e. Maria Lourdes Lanting-Carpio Scholarship)

Gold Sponsorship 1 student for 2 ½ school years $5,000.00
Silver Sponsorship 1 student for 1 school year $2,000.00
Bronze Sponsorship $1,000.00  
Financial Assistance to Needy Students
Maximum of P5,000.00 per student per year $100 or more


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(6354) 473-8417/ 473-8451/

(6354) 472-2871

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