This component focuses on activities that regenerate or rehabilitate the environment.  The activities are:

  1. Reforestation/Tree Planting Activities.

            The USI students, faculty staff and administrators are involved in the reforestation of the University Ecology Park located slopes of Mount Isarog in the part of Consocep. Tigaon, Camarines.  The USI is also maintaining a mini-forest along newly opened Almeda Highway in Naga City. 

  1. Ecology Seminars in the Community

           Volunteers from the university are tapped to educate the people regarding the importance of protecting the environments. Possible actions to help in the care of the environment are drawn out from the participants.  Some of the seminars being conducted are basic ecology seminar, waste management, education on recycling and others environmentally related trainings.



          The Buhai-KAALAMAN is the component of CES program that focuses on development research.  Through development research process, baseline data and information are generated which the CES uses in designing appropriate projects and services to be implemented in the partner communities.  Activities related to this components are community needs assessment, community profiling and other community related research needed in project development.


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