Guidance Vision Statement

To provide comprehensive guidance programs and services that will equip the students with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals who will promote a just and humane society.

Guidance Mission Statement

The Guidance Center is a service unit of Universidad de Sta. Isabel designed to assist the holistic formation imbued with Vincentian values.


Guidance Services

  • Individual Inventory
  • Testing Service
  • Information
  • Orientation
  • Counseling
  • Follow up
  • Referral
  • Homeroom Guidance
  • Evaluation and Research
  • Service to Administrators
  • Service to Faculty
  • Service to Parents
  • Service to Community
  • Individual Inventory Service.  This service aims to gather information about the student that will help her/him know and understand herself/himself and assist the teachers, counselors, administrators and parents in understanding the students.  The data are gathered through test and non test techniques.  The test techniques include the different tests such as Mental Ability, Scholastic Ability, Achievement, Aptitude, Personality, Values, Interests and Critical Thinking.  The non test techniques include inventory forms, interviews, checklist and rating scale.

  • Testing Service.  This service helps the student assess and understand her abilities, capacities, interests, personality and pressing concerns.  It is also a useful tool for the counselors as basis for guidance and counseling and helps diagnose behavioral and emotional problems that affect school performance.  Every year students are given various psychological tests and are interpreted by their respective guidance counselors.  

  • Information Service.  This service provides valid information which are educational, social, personal and occupational in nature so that the student may be able to develop his/her decision making competencies.  It is implemented through Group Guidance and information materials are also made available to the student through the Guidance bulletin board.

  • Orientation Service.  This service assists new students and transferees in becoming at home in their new environment.  Talks on various topics that deal with adjusting to college life and the various programs and services that the Guidance Center offers are discussed.  Old students are also reoriented with the various Guidance programs and services through their student assemblies, group guidance and classroom sessions.

  • Counseling Service. Respect for the dignity of the person and recognition of individual differences underlie this service.  This service is rendered through individual counseling, group counseling, home visits, referrals.  The latter is rendered to anyone in difficult situation needing specialized counseling or advising.  This service aims to help students attain self awareness so that they can be responsible for themselves, overcome personal difficulties and imbibe the Vincentian values such as love for the poor, simple lifestyle and realize her role as agent of transformation.  Counseling may be walk in, referred or call in. Peer counselors are also available to students who are hesitant to approach their counselors or teachers.

  • Follow up Service. Follow up service focuses on the graduates, school learners and counseled students.  It hopes to look into the effectiveness and adequacy of the guidance program and the educational program in general.  Follow up is done through letters, telephone calls, personal interview or questionnaires.  This may also include contact with school heads, counselors of former student to gain insight into her level of adjustment.
  • Service to Faculty.  The teachers and counselors are partners in helping the students go through the process of integral development according to their God given talents and potentials.  This service aims to identify students with difficulties and share with faculty appropriate individual data of students.  Teachers are also assisted in utilizing students’ data to the best interest of the student .  Through meetings with the teachers, they are assisted in understanding their students and discovering ways of handling them.  The guidance staff also provides available data to teachers/faculty and students conducting research and to the university researchers.

  • Service to Parents.  This service aims to provide parents with information about their children, inform them about the educational and other programs of the school, policies, rules and regulations and assist them in developing a realistic perception of their children’s development in relation to their potential through seminars and forum.   It also aims to assist parents with their parenting skills.

  • Service to the Community.  Service to the Church and society is the mission of Universidad de Sta. Isabel.  As such the school makes available to the community its resources and services.  Interested persons avail of the counseling and testing services.  Counselors are also invited as resource speakers or facilitators for seminars/trainings/workshops and formation sessions.
  • Evaluation and Research.  These services aim to determine how effectively the guidance program is meeting the need, interests and abilities of the students and discover what aspect of the program has contributed to the development of the total educational program of the school.  Every year, the guidance center conducts evaluation on the different programs and services it offers, it also assists the Student Development Services in disseminating its evaluation form which covers the different Student Services; Canteen, Guidance, Bookstore, Sewing, and Clinic.  

  • Homeroom Guidance.  The permissive atmosphere in the classroom during the homeroom session promotes an atmosphere of freedom, trust and security.  This affords them the opportunity to explore themselves, their potentials and capabilities.  The guidance counselors for each grade level schedules a session with class once a month.  This gives the counselor a firsthand contact with the students in the classroom.

  • Referral.  Referral  happens when a student with personal problems and complains of anxiety and depression, poor self image, relationship problems and family difficulties are referred to the guidance counselor, which in turn provides specialized counseling.  However if the situation requires a highly specialized approach, clients may be referred to other professionals in their field.

  • Service to Administration. The guidance service is a support service in carrying out the Vision Mission of the school.  It assists in the recruitment and screening of students applying for admission in the Basic and Higher Education Department and screening of employee applicants through the administration of psychological tests.


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