Program for OFW Children

This special program is envisioned to provide relevant informational support system to a special group of youth who are children of OFW parents and are products of the present family system brought about by absentee parenting and alternative fostering.  This is organized to address the emergent needs of these children who are at the crossroads of their lives while struggling to deal with the absence of parent figure in their lives.


Career Program

The Career Program aims to help students discover their talents, interests, attitudes, values, aspirations and expectations in life.  It is also meant to orient them with the different job opportunities in the community and manpower needs in the near future.  Career/Vocational information is integrated into the Group Guidance conducted in the Basic Education Department, with different activities per year level.  In the Higher Education Department, a Career Day is held consisting of talks essential for the graduating students to enter the workforce more easily and a Jobs Fair to assist them in getting employed in reputable institutions.


Peer Counseling Program

The office recognizes the importance of Peer Counselors as partners in reaching out to students.  This program will provide additional support services for students who may appreciate having the option of discussing concerns with other students as well as having access to professional counselors.  Peer Counselors are given trainings and activities to enhance their skills in reaching out to students who may be experiencing personal or academic difficulties, social adjustment and other concerns.


Honor Circle Program

The Honor Circle Program is a special guidance program designed to give attention to and extend the learning environment for high achiever students in order to develop more their full potentials and create programs that will engage the group in some enrichment and outreach activities within the campus for their own benefit and in service to others.



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