Sr. Lourdes L. Albis , DC


Sr. Remedios T. Tidor, DC
VP, Administrative Services & Finance



Sr. Ma. Linda R. Monzon, DC
Vice-Pres. for Health Services


Sr. Salve Consulta, DC
AVP for General Support Services



Sr. Rhodora A. Mojica, DC
AVP for Ancillary Services


Sr. Lourdes S. Sabidong, DC
AVP for Nursing Services



Dr. Roberto A. Sarmiento
AVP for Medical Services



Dr. Lacuesta, Crisostomo
Assistant Medical Director for Ancillary Services



Jensy S. Ong, MD
Assistant Medical Director for Educational Services



Edilberto S. Torres, MD
Assistant Medical Director for Professional Services



Elna N. Chia, MD
Assitant Medical Director for Medical Committees



Jose Manuel T. Rañola, MD
Training Officer Department of Internal Medicine



Ronnie Gregorio B. Gigantone, MD
Training Officer Department of Surgery



Amer de Catro, RN
Director for Nursing Affiliation Training & Continuing Education



Giovanni Getulio T. Zenarosa, MD
Chairman Department of Surgery



Eileen S. Navarroza,  MD
Chairman Department of Pediatrics



Abigail T. Abonal , MD
Chairman Department of Internal Medicine



Roberto S. Mendoza, MD
Chairman Department of Ophthalmology



Cristet B. Sales, MD
Chairman Department of OB-Gynecology



Ronald F. Cervantes , MD
Chairman Department of Radiology & Imaging Modalities



Rosito Juan A. Navera, MD
Chairman Department of Anesthesia



Rene B. Tupue , MD
Chairman Department of Clinical Laboratory & Anatomic Pathology



Neil Aldrine I. Peñaflor , MD
Chairman Department of Otolaryngology



Francia  E. Balatan, MD
Chairman Therapeutic Committee



Sheryll Ann F. Galicia, MD
Chairman Department of Out- Patient Services



Ma. Cressenta  M. Manlagñit, MD
Chairman Medical Ethic & Bioethics Committee



Venggie A. Ong , MD
Chairman Department of PT & Rehabilitation Medicine



Rommel M. Galicia, MD
Chairman Therapeutic Committee



Ruby T. Yangco, MD
Chairman Health information Management Committee







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