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Curriculum Description

BS in Business Administration is designed to develop competitive and successful business leaders in the industry. This curriculum cultivates learner's ability to adapt and develop skills that will further develop their expertise in specific areas such as in Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and Financial Management.

Financial Management

Financial Management

The graduate learns about financial institutions and financial theories, techniques, and analytical tools. For sound financial decision making, it encourages ethics, market integrity, rules good governance, and a competitive global viewpoint.

This degree prepares students for employment in corporate finance, investment management, banking, credit and trust operations, insurance and foreign currency markets.

Human Resource  Management

This degree prepares the graduate for a career in a human resource department or any company that manages recruitment, staffing, training and career development.

Marketing Management

The graduates of this degree will be well-equipped to enter fields including marketing, advertising, public relations, and marketing research. The curriculum equips student not only with the knowledge and abilities essential to succeed in their chosen professions, but also adaptability they will need to thriven in today's dynamic business world.


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