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Graduate School

Committed to Holistic Human Formation


The Graduate School of the Universidad de Sta. Isabel was created in 1965 to meet the needs of those who desire to advance their preparation and mastery in specialized discipline. It was granted government recognition in July 1968. Called the Graduate Department for Education, expectedly, the course offerings under each program were those in the field of Education.


            Responsive to the needs of the times, the Graduate School has expanded its program in the master’s degree level. It now offers Master of Arts in Education with majors in Administration and Supervision, Guidance and Counseling, Filipino, Mathematics, Religious Education, Music Education, and History; Master of Arts in Nursing with majors in Medical Surgical Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Maternal-Child Nursing, and Nursing Administration; Master of Science in Social Work; Master in Management; and Doctor of Philosophy with majors in Human Development Management and Educational Leadership and Management.


            The continuous effort of the USI Graduate School to improve and sustain excellent services led to the accreditation visit of all its academic programs on April 17-18, 2015 by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation. To date, the five academic programs of the Graduate School are all Level 1 accredited by PACUCOA.


            The Universidad de Sta. Isabel, in its 150th year of existence, has been working to answer the human quest for knowledge, higher learning and excellence, which are bases for the full development of persons. USI Graduate School has fulfilled this task for a great number of Bicolanos/Bikolanas and continues to do the same to the students it has presently enrolled.




A Vincentian Graduate Education at its best along instruction, research and extension with international standard of excellence.




The USI Graduate School commits itself to the holistic formation of scholars and high-caliber professionals who are Christ-centered, self-directed, competent, compassionate and committed to Vincentian Excellence which fosters advanced instruction, research production, community service and local and international partnerships and linkages.




Produce holistic and globally competent professionals who are champions in promoting the truth and knowledge through excellence in instruction, research, and extension work.




  • To provide quality instruction at par with global standards

  • To take the lead role in enhancing the quality of graduate education through excellence in research production

  • To provide opportunities that encourage acts of volunteerism to serve the needs of the marginalized sectors through extension work and community service

  • To develop globally engaged professionals who articulate Christian-Vincentian values, high level of moral maturity, compassion for the poor, and care for the environment

  • To strengthen educational partnerships for local and international linkages




Majors:           Human Development Management

                        Educational Leadership and Management


Program Description:

This program aims to provide globally competitive instruction, research and extension imbued with social, cultural, and moral values as well as provide quality instruction in the field of human resource management and educational leadership and management, promote research, and engage in extension. In the process, students are given opportunities to examine and reflect on past and present professional practices as well as issues and problems surrounding such theories and practices in human resource and educational management and leadership. It is expected that through the conduct of research and consequently the utilization of research findings and their corresponding significant contributions, doctoral students should be able to display and manifest competence and capability in creating, designing, implementing, and evaluating models and frameworks that could assist organizations and institutions towards achieving a more transformative human resource and educational leadership and management practices.


Majors:           Administration and Supervision

                        Guidance and Counseling

                        Religious Education






Program Description:               

This program aims to provide the right venue for the total development of graduate students into becoming competent, responsible, and effective Vincentian leaders and educators; Provide quality instruction utilizing updated learning andragogy and technology. Prepare the students to perform their tasks conscious of the highest professional, social, ethical, and moral sincerity. Extend sustainable community programs on culture, arts, and literacy.



Majors:           Medical Surgical Nursing

                        Community Health Nursing

                        Maternal Child Nursing

                        Nursing Administration (Non-Thesis)


Program Description:

This program aims to foster the attitude of research and promote research-oriented activities and interdisciplinary collaboration. Instill the spirit of community service through meaningful and innovative approaches.  Provide for a continuing education of nurses and clinical instructors toward the upgrading of their competencies. Enhance scholarly study in nursing process and nursing education.



Program Description:

This program aims to develop student’s professional identity as a social worker, reflecting the knowledge of a commitment to the ethics of values of social work as exhibited in their relationship with the client’s systems, colleagues, and employing organizations. Prepare social work professionals who are able to critically analyze, monitor, and evaluate interventions. Enhance professional commitment to supporting individual and institutional effort to achieve social and economic justice. Promote an informed response to professional practice in context of continuous change, attending to differences in client populations and social trends with the intent to promote sustainable change.



Program Description:

This program aims to develop professional trained to work in government, commercial, educational, and non-profit organization. Offers an exceptional opportunity to acquire skills necessary to advance professionally while working full-time. Provide rich and dynamic management principles drawn from broad theoretical and applied perspectives. Develop research-oriented professionals, extension workers and catalyst managers.




USI- GRADUATE SCHOOL will maximize the use of FLEXIBLE LEARNING MODALITIES consisting of two (2) arrangements designed to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 public health measures which include:

  1. ONLINE LEARNING DELIVERY (OLD). This 1st Semester, SY 2021-22, the Graduate School opt to maximize the use of ONLINE LEARNING DELIVERY, utilizing mainly the GOOGLE SUITE (Google Classroom, Google Meet, Gmail, Google Drive storage, Google Calendar etc.). In this respect, both faculty and students will be given an individual ‘google account’ by the office of the MIS Director to access the google platform. On one hand, in anticipation of a worst-case scenario, as an alternative for those who have weak and/or do not have an internet connection at all, a self-instructional module will be provided to graduate students by their respective faculty.

  2. HYBRID LEARNING DELIVERY (HLD). The Graduate School will make best use of the HYBRID LEARNING DELIVERY by 2nd Semester, SY 2021-22. In this regard, we intend to slowly and cautiously return to on-campus learning which necessitates physical classes, and yet, will be undertaken using ‘upturned-classroom engagement’ which requires a face-to face learning knock-up/session at least twice a month.  However, this academic design of HLD may still change as we take notice of the updates and changes in the guidelines being issued by the CHED, IATF, and DOH.


As we transition back into our ‘normal’ academic routines, despite the pandemic, the USI-Graduate School will do its best to make this school year’s learning engagement for you a truly practicable yet meaningful one which is characterized by Vincentian Excellence.

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