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155th Foundation Anniversary

Committee Chairperson

My warmest greetings to all Stakeholders of Universidad de Sta. Isabel de Naga Inc.


Celebrating the 155th Foundation Anniversary of Universidad de Sta. Isabel de Naga Inc. is God’s greatest   gift to all of us!  With its theme: USI@155: “Nurturing the Legacies of Vincentian Education through Excellence and Compassionate Service" expresses its commemoration of the legacies of Vincentian Education rooted in its humble beginnings. It proclaims the dedication and valuable contribution of Colegio de Sta. Isabel now the Universidad de Sta. Isabel in pioneering quality formal education for women and recounting the University’s educational commitment to Excellence of continuously serving with compassion.


The 155 Years Foundation Anniversary of the Universidad de Sta. Isabel de Naga, Inc. will be celebrated to honor the legacies of its contribution to the educational development in the region through quality Vincentian education. The USI, with more than a century and a half year of existence as an educational institution, has continuously produced Vincentian leaders for various private and public sectors both in the national and international arena. 


Faithful to its vision and mission, the University offers many opportunities to deserving individuals to obtain their academic degrees in their chosen profession, provides assistance to the marginalized communities, establishes local and international partnerships and embarks in research-based projects to efficiently respond to the demands of the changing time.  Evidently, various initiatives have continuously served to furnish the University’s four-fold functions such as: instruction, extension services, research, and production. USI has been soaring with excellence in the field of education despite the trials and mandates especially during the current health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Furthermore, this celebration is an expression of thanksgiving. USI is consistently being tenacious in manifesting resilience and perseverance despite the challenges it encountered during the 155 years.  It is imperative that a tribute and gratitude to our founder, Bishop Francisco Gainza, OP.DD and the Daughters of Charity with the Vincentian Fathers have to be given and the legacies they left that stood up in catering academic excellence and quality educational services towards a more developed and progressive society.


As a bird’s-eye view of the celebration, we have lined up a series of activities to honor and celebrate this anniversary with exciting events marking the journey from "Escuela Normal de Maestras” in 1868   to Universidad de Sta. Isabel de Naga Inc. Utilizing the USI website, unveiling of the digital 100 countdown board will begin on January 2, 2023. This will be followed by the virtual launching of “USI@155 logo. Numerous activities related to the celebration will be conducted within the duration such as: Personnelympics: Sports and Music, Dance and Songs, Planting of 155 Fruit-Bearing Trees, Semana de Sta. Isabel-Naga-Lakaw, Re-enactment of the Peaceful Capitulation of the Spanish Soldiers to Felix Plazo and Elias Angeles, and Unveiling of the Historical Marker.  Grand Parade along the main streets of Naga City, USI Visitors’ Open House and the Field Demonstration of the BED Students from Kinder to Grade 12 and Zumba Dance presentation of the HED Physical Education (PE) classes.


On April 12, 2023, during the 155th Foundation Day, activities will begin with the Institutional Eucharistic Celebration. After which, a Theatrical Presentation on the History of Universidad de Sta. Isabel and a Tribute Presentation of music, dance and songs to culminate the celebration.



This anniversary is truly an excellent opportunity for all of us to look ahead and although we were stalled by the pandemic for the past 2 years, we all have the reasons to celebrate: “USI, WE MOVE FORWARD. “


Happy Anniversary, Universidad de Sta. Isabel!

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