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Sr. Teresita A. Abastillas, DC.: A Portrait of Unwavering Commitment and Vision

Stepping into the new era of leadership, our newly inaugurated university president is a native of Lucena City, Quezon Province—a woman who carries the spirit of her land in her heart. Born under the fiery Sagittarius sign on 8th December 1951, she carries the bold traits of her zodiac – outspoken, optimistic, extrovert, assertive, and analytical.

She doesn’t just lead; she blazes trails, setting precedents with her punctuality and consistency. Her analytical prowess complements her assertive nature, creating a balance that has served her well throughout her professional journey. More than her professional aptitudes, she embodies warmth and caring nature, symbolized by her favorite colors, yellow and pink.


This nurturing disposition is not a recent addition to her persona; it has been a part of her for the past forty-seven years. In what can be described as a divine intervention, she heard and answered God's call to become a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. The decision, she says, is one she has never regretted. Her educational background boasts of prestigious institutions. She completed both her BS Accountancy and Certified Public Accountancy degrees at Sacred Heart College. Subsequently, she earned her Master of Business Administration from the University of Nueva Caceres and her Juris Doctor from the University of San Jose - Recoletos, Cebu City. Her professional journey includes various roles that have contributed to her diverse skill set. She has become an Internal Auditor of the Daughters of Charity Institutions and later served as the Dean of the BS Accountancy program at Sacred Heart College. She then ventured into the realm of Business Education at Concordia College and the Universidad de Sta. Isabel. Her extensive service in various roles has led her to the position of the Vice President for Administrative Services & Finance at the Universidad de Sta. Isabel, a testament to her dedication and competence. Her active participation in the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Philippine Association of Religious Treasurers reflects her commitment to the development of her field and her faith. She has served as a member and then Chairperson of the Core Group of the Philippine Association of Religious Treasurers. Sr. Teresita, a native of Lucena City, is more than just an accomplished academician and leader. She is a trailblazer who, despite her achievements, remains grounded in her faith and dedicated to her mission. With her at the helm, the university looks forward to a promising era of growth, development, and compassionate leadership.


4th University President

Sr. Teresita A. Abastillas, DC





To all applicants for the College Academic Scholarship Examination for the School Year 2023-2024, please be informed that ONLINE APPLICATION is now available.



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August 11, 2023

Today, the USI-BED came together in full force for the First Parents' General Assembly for the School Year 2023-2024.

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Key agenda items included the presentation of the new university vision, mission, core values, and graduate attributes. Existing academic policies and student welfare programs were also tackled.


August 10,  2023


to Our Newly Registered Vincentian Psychometricians!

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The entire USI community is immensely proud of each and every one of you! May you uphold the ethics and values of your profession with pride, continually seek knowledge, and, most importantly, make a positive impact on the many lives you will touch.


April 15, 2023

Personnel Variety Show delights USI Community with spectacular performances

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Marking the start of the 155th Foundation Anniversary of the university, the “Pagsalingoy 2023: Showcase of Bicol Culture” formally opened the celebration last March 31, 2023 at the USI Auditorium through the cultural performances of the USI Personnel. The show, which ran for three (3) acts, featured an array of performances from the non-teaching personnel and faculty members of the College of Business Education (CBE), College of Arts and Sciences, Teacher Education, Social Work, Human Services and Music (CASTEDSWHSM), and College of Health Sciences (CHS) from dancing to bicol folk songs, serenading the students with their voices, and gracing the stage with their talents. Dr. Natalie Ranin, the program chairperson for the 155th Foundation Anniversary said, "This is a very good opportunity for all of us to express our gratitude since we're celebrating the 155th [Foundation Anniversary]. I was so overwhelmed by the support they have shown. They cooperated, starting from the administration until to the last of our level." The program chairperson also said that this event is just the beginning, and there are still activities to look out for in celebration of the school's foundation anniversary. Mr. Randy Salvani, the Show Director & Overall Choreographer of the variety show, expressed that the preparation for the event was challenging due to the diverse schedules of the personnels. “At first, it was hard since the participants are all personnel. We all have our own jobs to do, specially the faculty. We came from different colleges with different schedules. That’s why, at first, it was really hard to combine all these people. But with God’s grace and the grace of Ina, we were able to have at least two general practices,” Salvani shared. “The show is entitled ‘Pagsalingoy 2023’ [because] it means that we look back. Pagsalingoy is looking back to our roots—the USI or the Colegio de Sta. Isabel’s contribution to the Bicolanos. Through this show, we promote and we protect the Bicol the culture,” he added. #RetrospectiveSpecialCoverage #155thFoundationAnniversary #NewsUpdate | via Laurice Mendoza, Kiezia France Photos | Zoephia Tenerife, Andrei Sacay, Charles Chua

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